Gravity Forms Geo Conditional Fields

The Gravity Forms Geo Conditional Fields plugins creates an additional 2 hidden field types that you can use to determine what country and what continent the user filling out your form is from.


  • Show/Hide fields based on users geographical location.
  • Send customised notifications to users and admins based on users geographical.
  • Use notification routing to email different users and admins based on users geographical location.
  • Gain valuable insight into where your users reside.
  • Trigger Gravity Form feeds (such as PayPal, MailChimp) based on users geographical location. Example: subscribe user to a certain mailing list or trigger a certain payment gateway.
  • Access to current visitor’s geographical location using included php function geo_fields_query_ip($ip).
  • Automatic monthly updates to the GeoLite2 information database.
  • Custom merge tags for geo country and geo continent information.

The plugin will determine the users geographical location based on their IP address which is a unique identifier of the user completing your form. It will perform a lookup using the MaxMind GeoLite2 database to find a match. The plugin will also ensure this database is automatically downloaded on a monthly basis to ensure it stays up to date and current.

Getting Started

It’s simple. Just install and activate the plugin and you’re good to go. All you need to do is add a Geo Conditional (country or continent) field into your form and then save it. The plugin will immediately start collecting data the next time your form is submitted.

Check out the latest tutorial on my blog: Use Gravity Form Geo Conditional Field for Custom Feed Processing


You must have Gravity Forms 1.7.x or higher installed and activated on your WordPress site. If you want to use conditional logic for notifications, you must have Gravity Forms 1.8.x or higher installed.

You must have the WP Cron system enabled so regular updates can be downloaded from MaxMind. Updates will be downloaded from MaxMind so long as the database remains open and free to download.