eCommerce WordPress Plugins

Refunds For WooCommerce

 Available For 19$ For First 10 Sales Only! Refunds For WooCommerce Control WooCommerce refunds process in more convenient way. Plugin allows you to Buyers can demand refunds from My Account Page. Role based refund approvals Automatic & Manual refund approvals on roles Offer coupons instead of refunds Partial refunds This Plugin is compatible Worldwide.  

Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway For WooCommerce

 Add Alipay Cross Border Payment Gateway To WooCommerce Store The Alipay Cross-Border Payment Gateway plugin for WooCommerce allows you to tap into the 1.3 billion-person Chinese market. Alipay is the most-used payment gateway in China. With the Alipay Cross-Border plugin, your website will be able to accept payments from residents and businesses inside China. It

B2B Marketplace Split Cart for WooCommerce

 B2B Marketplace Split Cart for WooCommerce WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Split Cart: It allows buyers to purchase products from multiple suppliers by using separate shopping carts for each at the time of checkout. It will allow buyers to add products from more than one seller to their shopping cart. While the products added to a cart

USPS Shipping For WooCommerce

 Available For 9$ For First 10 Sales Only! USPS Shipping For WooCommerce InnovativeWP’s USPS Shipping plugin for WooCommerce allows you to show shipping rates from USPS to your WooCommerce clients. With this plugin you can Enable/Disable different shipping services, Edit names of services, Add costs to services & Pack products individually. Add shipping rates from

WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification

 WooCommerce POS French NF525 Certification This plugin helps the admin to facilitate digitally secure Point Of Sale transactions according to French Law. It verifies the order receipts and order invoices by digital signature. The digital signature will be visible in the order receipt and order invoice. Thus, the admin can keep a track of the

Woopromotion – WooCommerce product promotion sale countdown and Badge Manager

 Woopromotion is a WooCommerce based WordPress plugin. This plugin builds with some impactive features, which will help you to improve your product’s promotional impact. This plugin will make your eCommerce products more informative, attractive, and well organized. Moreover, you can also highlight different seasonal offers, discounts, % off on the products you want to sell

Wookit: Email Popups, Cart Abandonment

 WooKit has every features for Popups & Smartbars to grow up your email list, create promo banners or make announcement. You can just import our Templates and design more with a Live Preview Editor. WooKit’s seamless integration with WordPress lets you set up your first marketing campaign in seconds. Product recommendations Add your product recommendations

WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message

 WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message WooCommerce POS WhatsApp Notification Message: This plugin enables POS agents to send customised, order-related messages to POS customers over WhatsApp. This plugin allows the administrator to build templates for WhatsApp pos messages. The WhatsApp message’s headline and content can be customised by the administrator. Customers can receive order-related and personalised

WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin

 WooCommerce Multi Company SaaS Plugin WooCommerce Multi-Company SaaS plugin allows the tenants/merchants to register and create their own store with their domain. The store owners can offer tenants different membership plans. Therefore, merchants can purchase these memberships based on their requirements. Moreover, this eliminates the need for the installation of additional software by the tenants/merchants.