eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Advanced Files Uploader

  Let your customers upload files easily to their order directly from the product page. WooCommerce Advanced Files Uploader plugin allows customers to upload one or multiple files inside the product page with a simple and easy to use Ajax drag & drop box. See the professionally designed drag & drop WooCommerce product file uploader

RestroFood | Online Food Ordering & Delivery WordPress Plugin

 Restrofood is an online food ordering and delivery system for WordPress. You can manage your restaurant & other food ordering stuff with Restrofood. It has plenty of amazing features- quick checkout, delivery location availability checker, product extras, invoice print (thermal and receipt), 3 admin panels, etc., to help you build a successful online food business.

ProveSale for WooCommerce

 ✔ Free Lifetime Updates Online Demo : Here ProveSale for WooCommerce is a WordPress plugin that helps you to boost conversions and sales with social proof. ProveSale leverages a psychological trigger called “the fear of missing out” better known as “FOMO”. ProveSale notifications were designed to inject social proof, urgency, and credibility to help boost

Tip My Work – HostJane Payments Pro

 The official HostJane Marketplace Premium Plugin for WordPress boosts your freelance income by letting you accept payments to your HostJane studio by PayPal, Stripe, Apple Pay, and Google Pay, directly from your WordPress blog or website. Features The premium plugin lets you customize and brand the HostJane Payments button to fit the look and feel

WooCommerce Upsells and Related Products – Upseller

 The Upseller WordPress plugin includes two widgets for the Elementor builder to add Upsells and Related products. It allows displaying the product blocks in the necessary place on any site page with the ability to customize element styles to suit your design and preferences. The widgets offer to specify the number of columns in the

Coupons + | Advanced WooCommerce Coupons Plugin

 Coupons + is an awesome WooCommerce extension that extends the default WooCommerce coupon functions to allow you to create very complex offers & deals like Buy One, Get One (BOGO) deals, discounts on new customers, shipping discounts, tiered & quantity discounts and much more using a very powerful and flexible offers builder. Design almost any

Files Upload for WooCommerce Plugin

 File upload for the WooCommerce plugin adds an import feature to your eCommerce store when you asked for any documents as a requirement to make the perfect product for your customer. In many cases shop, the owner asked for any document, images, or files to prepare the perfect product for their customers like any important

WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots

 WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots WooCommerce Marketplace Delivery Date Time Slots allows sellers to add customized order delivery slots for their products, allowing customers to select the most convenient delivery slots. Customers can use this plugin to confirm their preferred date and time for their order delivery. This extension allows the admin to create

WooCommerce Checkout Signature

 WooCommerce Signature WooCommerce Signature addon makes it easy for users to sign your checkout page. This plugin will allow your users to sign contracts and other agreements with their mouse or touch screen. Features Easy use Control the size of the signature field Control the background and color of the signature field Set the field

Discount by Total Cart Value for WooCommerce

 Discount by Total Cart Value for WooCommerce An extension for WooCommerce, this plugin help you add extra fee or discount by total value or quantity item in cart. You can add extra fee or discount value (example: $5, $10) or percent subtotal order (example: 5%, 10%). You can manager user role (add, edit, delete user