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WooCommerce Room Paint Colors Visualizer

 “WooCommerce Room Paint Colors Visualizer plugin” allows customers to pick the right paint colors for their rooms walls. Live Preview: Click Here. Once installed and activated it for some product, It displays the button “Select Option” on the product single page: Once click the button “Select Option”, It opens as a popup window with rooms

Modal Popup Window for Elementor – Modalier

 Add a modal window in a few steps using the Modalier WordPress plugin for Elementor. It is a quick and easy way to create an informative popup for any of your purposes. With this tool promote your products, display offers, feature announcements, or provide different information via bright popup messages. There is no limit on

FAQ for WooCommerce – Advanced Product FAQ Plugin

 The FAQ for WooCommerce – Advanced Product FAQ Plugin enhances the user experience, provides quick access to information, reduces support issues, and more. Plugin can increase your sales and your company’s online visibility. Yes, it is a tool not to be missed from any product website. This will enhance the support system for WooCommerce. You

MyShopKit Multi Currency Converter

 Why should we use Multi Currency on your site? The first and foremost step towards expanding your business globally is making it user-friendly for global customers. Customers from different corners of the world want to see the displayed price in their domestic currency. This helps save them from the hassle of converting currency mentally, especially

TM CAPS – WordPress Meme Generator For Elementor

 TM Caps allows you to create an online meme generator for your site using the power of Elementor page builder. It is a multipurpose image editor which is especially designed for creating funny memes in a few clicks. Your site visitors will share the memes they have created, all around the internet with your watermark.

WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Supplier Coupon

 WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Supplier Coupon WooCommerce B2B Marketplace Supplier Coupon: It allows the seller to generate the coupons for buyers. The Suppliers can create unlimited coupons for their products. with the help of a coupon code, the Suppliers will provide the discount to their customers. The Suppliers can allow a coupon for a specific product

HotSpot Pro For WordPress

  Create a stylish and creative Tooltip and Popup Easily in a matter of minutes! What is HotSpot Pro HotSpot Pro is a plugin for wordpress used to create stylish and creative popups easily within a minute. Why HotSpot Pro is best suited for you HotSpot Pro plugin helps you to create tooltips or popups

WooCommerce Countdown Sales & Price Discount Plugin

 With WooCommerce Countdown Sales & Price Discount Plugin, you can add a time counter to any WooCommerce product. A simple but powerful plugin to increase sales. This allows you to create a helpful countdown timer in a matter of minutes. The clock notifies customers of the end of the sale. Use this plugin to increase

DT – Ultimate Booking Pro Plugin

 Ultimate Booking Pro is a Multipurpose “Booking System” plugin. It is uniquely designed for Doctors, Beauty salons, Hairdresser & Spa Services, Massage Therapists, Handyman, Cleaning Services, and all Contract based Consultants, Training Sessions, Art, Music, and Dance Classes and or Price Based Service Providers. The Plugin has been professionally created to give a high-quality user

SocialBox – Social Sidebar WordPress Plugin

 SocialBox is a responsive jQuery social follow/share sidebar navigation WordPress Plugin. You can add social sidebar to your WordPress site easily. You can add all icons as follow. But, you can add following share types: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, VK, Flipboard, Buffer, WhatsApp, Telegram, Reddit, Tumblr, Blogger, Amazon, Yahoo, Evernote and Email. Features Included: Fully