eCommerce WordPress Plugins

WooCommerce Out Of Stock Notification

 WooCommerce Out Of Stock Notification is a valuable tool for online store owners. It helps you manage your product inventory by alerting you when items are running low or out of stock. Plus, it notifies customers when products are out of stock, allowing them to subscribe for updates when items are back in stock. This

Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce

  What is Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce ? Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce is an extension that allows to send coupons generated automatically to your customers for their birthday. With Birthday Coupons for WooCommerce you can : Choose the number of days before the customer’s birthday to send the birthday coupon. Set the minimum age required

Product Search for WooCommerce

 Power of AI in product search – Help your customers effortlessly find what they love in your WooCommerce shop. Enhance user experience, improve search accuracy, and drive more sales. One-time fee (1 license = 1 domain) Easy installation: Get up and running quickly to enhance your WooCommerce store. Add your search suggestions: Personalize the search

WooCommerce Room Wallpaper Visualizer

 “WooCommerce Room Wallpapers Visualizer plugin” allows customers to visualize different Wallpapers in rooms and choose the right wallpaper for their room walls. View Demo: Click Here. Once installed, the plugins works in a page with a shortcode, it requires uploading your own wallpapers and rooms images from the admin panel. Users can try wallpapers in

Products Displays For WooCommerce – Productify

 Introducing the ‘Productify – Products Displays For WooCommerce’, designed to transform your online store into a visually stunning and highly functional shopping destination. Our addon elevates your product display with a variety of sophisticated layouts including Grid, Carousel, and List, ensuring an engaging and user-friendly experience for your customers. Grid Layouts: Default Grid: Showcase your

Hook Commerce Bundle

 Hook Commerce Bundle is a powerful plugin designed to give you complete control over your WooCommerce store’s checkout process. With a user-friendly interface, this plugin offers a range of customization options that go beyond the standard WooCommerce settings, allowing you to create a seamless and easy shopping experience for your customers. Custom Checkout Fields Easily

WordPress Opayo (SagePay) Payments

  WordPress Opayo (SagePay) Payments Plugin The WordPress Opayo Payments Plugin lets you take payments direct from your customers on your WordPress Website! No Ecommerce Platform is required! Easily accept Credit Card Payments on your WordPress website and get that valuable invoice paid! All Major Credit and Debit Cards are supported! Add Payment Form To

BWD 3D WooCommerce Product Layout Addon For Elementor

 Transform your WooCommerce store into a visual masterpiece with the BWD 3D WooCommerce Product Layout Addon for Elementor! Elevate your product presentations to new heights by seamlessly integrating immersive 3D layouts into your website. This powerful Elementor addon ensures a user-friendly experience, allowing you to customize and control every aspect of your product pages effortlessly.

Remind review for WC

 Remind review for WC allows you to send review reminder emails for products purchased on your WooCommerce shop. FEATURES Automatically send a product review reminder when the order has received a completed status Reschedule email sending in case settings are changed Exclusion of product categories Customize the email content Manual submission from the order details

TW Wishlist for WooCommerce – Save Your Favorite Products for Future Purchases

 Maximize Sales, Minimize Cart Abandonment: Introducing TW Wishlist for WooCommerce! Are you a WooCommerce store owner tired of losing potential sales? Imagine a world where your customers can easily save their favorite products for later, turning idle browsers into loyal shoppers. Say hello to TW Wishlist for WooCommerce – the ultimate solution to transform your