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Moneris CA eSELECTplus Gateway for Gravity Forms

 Moneris eSelectPLUS is the industry leader in payment processing because we focus all our efforts on the three key elements of payment processing – technology, innovation and people. Moneris CA eSELECTplus Gateway is a WordPress Plugin that allows the Gravity Forms plugin to accept Credit Card payments on your site without redirecting the Customers to

LeadForm – Typeform alternative for WordPress

  LeadForm is addon of gravity form. LeadForm is help you to increase conversion rate of your form by 100% – 200%. Instantly. LeadForm turns your Gravity Forms into highly focused, fast progressing. Features: Use with regular Gravity Forms Create unique URL form slug, which is customizable. Add Welcome screen text with image. Custom start

Gravity Forms Auto Save Progress

 Gravity Forms Auto Save Progress Gravity Forms Auto Save Progress help users stop losing conversions on longer WordPress forms! Give your users a way to save their progress for any incomplete form. Features Easy use Working with user login Compatible With Multi-Step Easily enable saving for any form Need to offer non-registered users the ability

Gravity Forms Digital Signature

 Gravity Forms Signature Gravity Forms Signature addon makes it easy for users to sign your forms. This plugin will allow your users to sign contracts and other agreements with their mouse or touch screen. Features Easy use Control the size of the signature field Control the background and color of the signature field Set the

Gravity Forms International Telephone Field

 Gravity Forms International Telephone Field This plugin helps you add and validating international telephone numbers. It adds a flag dropdown to any input, detects the user’s country, displays a relevant placeholder and provides formatting/validation for Gravity Forms Features Easy use Retina flag icons Automatically select the user’s current country using an IP lookup Automatically set

Gravity Forms Multi-step Pro

  Gravity Forms Add-On turns your Progress into style and allows users to see data before they submit! Features Easy use Preview data before they submit 6 styles available Your can custom backgroud and color style Cross-browser support. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+ And more… CHANGELOG 08/November/2020: (version 1.0) – Version 1.0 Initial Release

Gravity Forms Range Slider Pro

  Gravity Forms Range Slider Pro is a easy to use setup field range in your contact form. You can be put custom style as will prefix on left, right so it makes more user friendly. Features Easy use Cross-browser support. Chrome, Firefox, Opera, IE8+ Skin support. 6 beautiful skins included Support of negative and

Gravity Forms Calculations Pro

  Expands computation with your gravity forms which were not possible before. Features Conditional If logic Working all version Gravity Forms Easily extensible Date duration calculator. And more… Conditional calculations if(A < B,A + 1, A +3 ) + 5 + if(number1 < number2, number-600 + 15, 1) +7 Logical operators (==, !=, <, <,

Gravity Forms Validation Rules

 Gravity Forms Validation Rules allows you to create custom validations for each field as long as the field type is single text, address, or date. In addition to creating custom validation rules, you can also write a specific error message for each validation rule. You can group validation rules for each field into two categories:

Multi-Currency for Gravity Forms

 An extremely helpful Gravity Forms addon which allows your visitors to view prices and make payments in their preferred currency. Multi-currency for Gravity Forms has all the possible Multi-currency related features carefully crafted into one plugin for user ease and performance. Allow user to see prices and make payment in their preferred currency Your customers