WordPress Security Questions

Wordpres Security Question is a wordpress plugin which enables security question feature on registration,login and forgot password screens. You can protected your account even someone hack the password of your wordpress login by asking few security questions on login screen. if you make use of a security question as a way of accessing an account if your user lost password, this plugin is perfect suitable for you.

Why this Plugin?

If you search on google about “hack wordpress” or “wordpress hack” or similar phrases, you find that most of time hackers reset password using sql injection. For more information, how to hack a website using sql injection, read this article written by me. So using plugin, it’s not possible to reset your password without know your security answer.

Step 1 : Decides how many questions and on which screens.

You can set how many questions you want to ask on time of registration or login screen.

Step 2 : Setup Your Questions using Backend

A new dropdown to ask question/answer easily integrated on your wordpress registration page once you installed this plugin.


Display Security Question on Registration

After setup questions, a new dropbox display on registration page automatically.

Ask Security Question on Forgot Password

To retrieve lost password, user needs to answer security question they answered before.

Protect wordpress login screen with security questions

Ask security questions on time of login to enhance your wordpress security.