WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription

WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription Products

WooCommerce Marketplace Subscription allows customers to subscribe to products on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Admins and sellers can create and manage subscription products, setting EMI frequency individually for each product.

Customers can quickly renew their subscribed orders at the specified frequency of products, making purchasing more efficient.

Note –

  • This plugin is an add-on to Webkul’s WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace. So, to use this plugin, you need to first install the WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace.
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    Features of Multi Vendor PayUmoney Payment Gateway for WooCommerce

    • Configure the duration for which the installment payment link remains active before the due date.
    • Select acceptable payment methods for subscription product payments.
    • Sellers can customize the frequency of subscription installment payments in intervals of days, weeks, months, and years.
    • Review details of all upcoming installment payments for subscription products within the subscription orders section.
    • Customers can review recent transactions associated with their subscriptions.
    • Enable sellers to offer product subscription options to their customers.
    • Customize the text displayed on the subscription button.
    • Customers can access a list of their subscribed products under the ‘Subscription Orders’ tab.
    • Access a complete list of subscribers and their orders for subscription products within the account.

    Highlighted Features

    1 – Configure EMI Frequency

    Both admin and sellers have the ability to add the payment frequency (daily, monthly, or annually) that aligns with each subscription product.

    2 – Track Subscription.

    Allow customers to manage their subscriptions directly from their accounts..

    3 – Manage Subscription

    Admin can see all the subscriptions for different products and check specific customers’ payment information, such as next EMI date.

    4 – Automated Payment

    Hassle-free Stripe Payments by automating transactions for subsequent EMI payments on subscribed products.

    Business Use

    The WooCommerce Multi Vendor Subscription plugin is an essential tool for online stores looking to offer subscription products from multiple sellers.

    This plugin enables sellers to create and manage their own subscription products within the store, providing customers with a diverse range of options to purchase regularly.

    By introducing subscription options for various products, vendors can benefit significantly. Many customers prefer the convenience of subscribing to products they regularly use rather than making individual purchases each time they need them.

    This not only streamlines the purchasing process for customers but also helps vendors establish a recurring revenue stream.


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