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WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Cancellation Rules

  WooCommerce Subscriptions Custom Cancellation Rules plugin allows you to control when your customers can cancel their subscriptions. Currently, the customers can cancel anytime, even hours before the start of the next billing period. But what if you could define when customers are allowed to cancel? With this plugin, you control when your subscribers can

Floating Call Button – All In One Call Button

 Floating Call Button is a premium plugin to make your visitors quickly call you without going to the contact page easily. This lets your visitor easily communicate with you, with an attractive button that catches their attention. The plugin has different visual template styles, you can use any of them and customize its color, font,

Particles Backgrounds Addon for WPBakery Page Builder

 Add a stunning animated background to your WPBakery Page Builder row with an HTML5 canvas-based particles animation. This powerful WordPress plugin adds pro-level particle backgrounds to the famous WPBakery Page Builder, allowing both novice and mid-level designers to WOW their clients. Stunning particle effects that are updated on a regular basis Add eye-catching particles effect

Creative Timeline for WordPress

  Creative Timeline – WordPress Timeline Plugin Creative Timeline WordPress Plugin to showcase your timeline in the best way. It is an effective and user-friendly way to beautify your WordPress Custom posts on your website with timeline concept. This plugin helps you showcase timeline elegantly and make your site looks more attractive. It is creating

WooCommerce Product Filter with Ajax

 WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter with that when you install this plugin that will auto change and load the product without loading or refreshing the page. This uses Ajax to load the page. RND Product Filters with ajax for WooCommerce WooCommerce Ajax Product Filter with that when you install this plugin that will auto change and

Th Advance Search Pro

 Th advance search plugin provides you super fast Ajax based search results. Plugin is capable to search WooCommerce products, pages and posts. This plugin is very easy to install and setup. You don’t need to play with the code or with lot’s of options. We have managed default settings in such a way, You can


 What is Dudes? Dudes is a plugin that makes it easy to add and edit members, companies, consultants, students, staff etc. on your WordPress site. Most sites have some sort of co-worker page. It’s often just a page and when you try to edit it everything moves around and never looks the way it should.

Dimensions Measurer WordPress plugin

 Dimensions Measurer WordPress plugin allows customers to measure height and width of different objects like windows, doors, screens and others… directly on a WordPress site page. It requires customers to upload the objects image with a credit card, in taking snapshots with pc webcam or using their phones camera that (allows the plugin to get

Teaser PiP – WordPress Plugin

 You don’t have to change anything on your website. Teaser PiP it’s a floating video that appears fixed on the bottom right or left of your website. The user can expand it to see it in fullscreen and unmute it to listen to the sound. The video starts playing automatically (autoplay) even on mobile! Of

FAQ for WooCommerce – Advanced Product FAQ Plugin

 The FAQ for WooCommerce – Advanced Product FAQ Plugin enhances the user experience, provides quick access to information, reduces support issues, and more. Plugin can increase your sales and your company’s online visibility. Yes, it is a tool not to be missed from any product website. This will enhance the support system for WooCommerce. You