Advanced SEO Bundle

Advanced SEO Bundle - 1

This is a plugin bundle specifically created for SEO specialists that includes the following products:

After installing these four WordPress plugins the following advanced SEO features will be available in your website:

  • Internal Links Analysis with Exportable Statistics (Interlinks Manager)
  • Link Juice Analysis with Exportable Statistics (Interlinks Manager)
  • Internal Links Suggestions (Interlinks Manager)
  • Automatic Internal Links (Interlinks Manager)
  • Internal Links Tracking (Interlinks Manager)
  • Advanced Automatic Internal and External Links (Autolinks Manager)
  • Importable and Exportable Automatic Links (Autolinks Manager)
  • Automatic Links Tracking (Autolinks Manager)
  • Hreflang Implementation for International SEO (Hreflang Manager)
  • Automatic Flags for sites that use Hreflang (Hreflang Flags)

Save $50 and add value to your website

With single purchases the total cost of the plugins is $97 ($33 + $27 + $23 + $14). By purchasing with this bundle you are only going to pay $47.

The included WordPress plugins have been created with the highest quality standards and are continuously improved based on the suggestions of our users.

Advanced SEO Bundle - 2

Distribute page authority and ranking power throughout the site like the top SEO expert with the powerful tools included in this plugin.

Interlinks Manager is currently one of the best rated SEO plugins available on CodeCanyon.

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Advanced SEO Bundle - 3

Generate more visits, sell more products or earn money with a referral system by using the automatic links generated by Autolinks Manager.

With 18 options per autolink and 50 general general options you have the total control on the application of the autolinks. Customize the HTML of the generated links, the affected post types, categories and tags, set regular expressions options and more.

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Hreflang Manager

Advanced SEO Bundle - 4

If your website is available in multiple languages or if your are targeting different geographic locations you can use the easy to use interface provided by Hreflang Manager to implement the Hreflang attribute.

It’s been demonstrated by case studies that a correct implementation of hreflang increases the search visibility, the indexation rate, the number of impressions and it’s fundamental to avoid duplicate content.

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Hreflang Flags

Advanced SEO Bundle - 5

Use the Hreflang Flags plugin to automatically generates flags from your implementation of hreflang.

The flags of all the countries defined with the ISO-3166-1 alpha-2 specification are included and ready to be used. Each flag is available in five different formats (16, 24, 32, 48, 64) and in two different flavors. (Shiny, Flat)

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Advanced SEO Bundle - 6


This section includes a list of the updates with the related release dates. For details on the single features added on each product update please visit the item description of the single products.

31.01.2019 - v1.00
  - Initial release


Please visit the item description of the single products to read the list of credited authors.