WP Pay What You Like

WP Pay What You Like is a WordPress plugin which allows you to accept custom payments for your downloadable products. Fully integrated with Stripe, this plugin is easily installed using a simple shortcode which places the pay-what-you-like form on any post or page. Customers can choose between set price suggestions or enter a custom amount before entering their payment details. Downloads are started automatically when payments are successful.

Every aspect of WP Pay What You Like is easily customizable from the admin menus. You can set your own amounts for the suggested and minimum prices, choose the text and image to display on the payment form, decide on sending automatic emails on purchase, redirect to a thank you page after purchase and much more. Adding the product to download is as simple as providing the file URL, accessed from your media library.

The pay-what-you-like method of product sales is becoming more popular, as shown by websites like humblebundle.com. Customers appreciate being able to choose the price of the product and on average pay more than if you set a fixed price! Allowing customers to pay what they like also increases word of mouth type promotion meaning more sales in the long run.


  • Allow your customers to pay what they like for your downloadable products
  • Full, secure Stripe integration to accept credit card payments directly
  • Stripe only charges 2.9% + 0.30 processing fee and payments arrive in your bank account every 7 days
  • Fully customizable and extendable plugin
  • Easy to use admin settings to create the form exactly how you need it
  • All our products are fully supported – you will never get stuck using our products