WP Off Canvas Panels

does not need to be visible right away! Think about adding a contact form in the left panel and when you click the contact button the panel expands with a smooth animation! Or add a google maps widgets in a panel and show it when the mouse is close to the panel, the possibilities are endless!
See the Live Preview for more examples!

  • Top, right, bottom and left panels
  • All settings can be changed per panel!
  • Mulitple panels at the same time possible
  • Show pannels with a button, a custom link or when you are near with the mouse
  • Set the size per panel, can be in pixels or in percentages
  • Choose a different style per panel
  • Use a preset style or create one using the easy to use style editor
  • Set an animation per panel
  • Choose from multiple smooth css3 animations
  • Fallback to a simple sliding animation for older browsers
  • Works on all devices, in all browsers and on all resolutions
  • Add an overlay to your website when a panel expands
  • Easily add content to the panels using the widget system from wordpress
  • You can add any widget in the panels!