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Welcome to the future of web design with WP3D for WordPress

Introducing WP3D Model Import: Your NEW WordPress Plugin for 3D Model Integration

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Empower your site with 3D models, import the third dimension inside your Gutenberg or Elementor editor!

Revolutionize your WordPress experience with WP3D Model Import, the cutting-edge plugin designed to seamlessly integrate 3D models through your Gutenberg & Elementor editor. Say goodbye to cumbersome coding and hello to effortless 3D model embedding. Did you find a cool model on Sketchfab? Download the format your prefer and upload it with WP3D Model Import!

No code required!

Import your models directly uploading them into your media library or via external URL.

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With WP3D Model Import, the possibilities are endless. Import 3D models in a variety of formats including GLB, GLTF, FBX, DAE, and STL, all with just a few clicks. No more struggling with complex file conversions or compatibility issues – our plugin streamlines the process for you.

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Once imported, take full control of your 3D models with an array of customizable parameters. Fine-tune lighting, shadows, reflections, and rendering styles to achieve the perfect look. Manipulate camera angles and transform commands with ease, giving you the power to create immersive 3D experiences effortlessly.

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By harnessing imported images, you can leverage the full potential of your model’s materials and reflections to achieve unparalleled visual effects. Whether you’re showcasing architectural designs or presenting product prototypes, WP3d Model Import empowers you to enhance realism and captivate your audience with stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

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Powered by Three.js, WP3D Model Import brings the world of 3D modeling to your WordPress site like never before. Whether you’re showcasing products, visualizing architectural designs, or simply adding a touch of interactivity to your content, our plugin empowers you to do it all without writing a single line of code.

With our plugin, you can seamlessly import your 3D models destined for 3D printing. Whether you’re designing prototypes, creating custom products, or exploring artistic ventures, WP3D Model Import simplifies the process of bringing your creations to life. Utilizing compatible formats like STL, our plugin ensures that your models are ready for the additive manufacturing process, allowing you to effortlessly integrate 3D printing into your WordPress site.

Developed with love for Gutenberg & Elementor

WP3D Blocks are born for the native and open-source system created by WordPress. They synchronize with block data and allow you to develop 3D with ease, witnessing real-time changes in your 3D model values.

WP3D Model Import for Gutenberg

Are you an Elementor disciple? Our experience has led us to adapt WP3D Model Import for Elementor as well, mirroring all the features of Gutenberg but seamlessly integrated with this fantastic page builder.

WP3D Model Import for Elementor

Elevate your website to new heights with WP3D Model Import – the ultimate solution for seamless 3D integration on WordPress. Get started today and unlock a world of creative possibilities.

STAY TUNED! we’re already working on some cool new features!

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