WP Invoices – PDF Electronic invoicing system

“WP Invoices” is electronic invoicing and warehouse management plugin which allows you
to issue, send and download invoices as pdf file. Very easy to use interface with included
many features to make your work pleasant.

Features included:

  • Reports/Charts for issued amount/count of invoices by type per year
  • Export invoices as CSV
  • Download or send as PDF
  • Fully translatable
  • Automatically increase/decrease products/items quantities
  • Automatically calculate invoice prices
  • Custom price fields if wants to disable the automatic calculation
  • Any type of invoice – Debit note, Credit note and Pro-forma
  • Invoices numbers tracking of each type of document
  • Easy sortable products/items
  • Predefined clients data
  • Predefined items data (+ available quantity)
  • Automatically fill remarks of invoices or discount percents, etc.
  • Easy add custom Currency, Quantity types, payment methods, etc.
  • Unlimited invoices and features
  • Your custom logo to invoices
  • Mark invoices as Paid, Partly paid or Unpaid and filter them by its status
  • Status for issued or issued and sended invoice
  • Elegant invoices design
  • Download original or copy of the invoices
  • Send to one or multiple emails with custom email template (subject, body)
  • Optimized and tested to work extremely fast with more than 1 million invoices
  • Help icons to explain you each functionality
  • And many more..