WP GoLive

A) Description – top

This plugin allows you to migrate your WordPress website from Localhost (local machine) to your live host server, or from server to server, all you have to do is fill in few fields (FTP details, Database details), and push “Start”!, that’s all!

GoLive Plugin can serve as wordpress transfer tool to simplify and automate the migration process to a new domain

GoLive will also work in case your MySQL database does not allow for remote connections, you can export the site as a Package “zip file”, and install it using the plugin.

B) Use Cases – top

WordPress GoLive Plugin can be used in several cases:

  • If you’re developing a WordPress website in your localhost, and you want to go live, there is several steps to take if you want to do it manually, it’s a long process, and usually you’ll forget something. WP GoLive can handle this for you easily, you only have to fill the fields, and wait a couple of minutes, and it’s done for you!
  • If you have a website already live in a server, and you want to clone it somewhere else, the WP GoLive plugin can do it for you quickly.
  • If you maintain a WordPress Website, and you update the code regulary, and you always want to update it on the Live server, you can use the plugin to automate the process

C) Features – top

  • Automatically Export the Database from Source Server
  • Transfering the files via FTP automatically
  • Auto-import Database in Remote/destination server.
  • Update .Htaccess properly
  • Update wp-config.php file on destination server with the new credentials.
  • Replace the URLs in Database (Posts, Pages, Menus…), and keep auto-update serialized objects too.

D) Installation – top

The installation is standard, you install the plugin as you install any other plugin.

The WP GoLive does not require any special files/components to be pre-installed.

Just upload the wp_golive.zip file to your server, or via WP Plugin Installer. and activate the plugin