WP Flat Visual Assistant Creator


Create easily your own flat and responsive visual assistants on your wordpress website .
An helper (assistant) is a sequence of text, tooltips and dialog windows that guide the user, even through the different pages of the site.
It can be launched automatically upon arrival on a page (once or every time), or when the user clicks on a specific element.

Each step can be configured with many parameters (eg : ask the user to click a link).
Try the demo to understand what can be done with !


With this plugin, you can guide your customers through the different stages of your website.
It may be useful for e-commerce, for example.
You can also use it to attract the attention of users or information on a specific page or functionality of the site.

Now works on admin side: you can guide your customers on the backoffice.


  • Flat & responsive
  • Works on frontend or wordpress admin
  • Fully manage Helpers and Steps
  • Customize colors, step and helpers settings
  • Steps can be tooltip, dialog or texts
  • Visually assign a step or an assistant to an element of the site
  • Fast & easy import / export data tool
  • Reactive support !


  • Upload, install and activate the plugin
  • Configure your colors in settings
  • Create your helpers and steps.


You want to integrate this plugin to a theme sale on ThemeForest ?
Simply buy an extended license, then :

  • Install the plugin
  • Create your assistants
  • Export them using from the export tool
  • Add the export file in your theme package
  • In your documentation, tell the user to import the file (2 clicks).
    You can also add the video tutorial link.