WP Chatbot Builder – Create a chatbot for your WordPress Website in a few clicks!

Ever wished to get a Fast, Reliable & easy to manage chatbot for your WordPress website?

WP Chatbot Builder: it is not just a chatbot but a chatbot builder so can now build as many chatbots as you
want for your all websites.
Full Customization: WP Chatbot Builder gives you full options to do changing like color preferences, Title &
sub Title text, option to add a custom Link.
Voice to Text: if the user, don’t want to chat with a chatbot by typing then it has a feature of Voice to Text
for them. your chatbot will be able to understand their voice and what they are saying to the chatbot & then
a chatbot can answer their questions through text.
Live Preview: it has a live preview system, so you can view & test your chatbot right from the backend on WP
Chatbot Builder menu before saving/publishing it live.
Unlimited Chatbots: You’ll get not only one chatbot but a whole chatbot building system so you can build as
many chatbots as you want for WordPress websites in a few steps.


  • Full Customization
  • Live Editing
  • Super Fast
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Test Your Written Chatbot Questions & Answers Before Publishing / Saving (Live Preview &
  • Talk from Your Voice with Chatbot Without Writing Anything
  • Contact Button (In Case If Your User Wants to Contact With You. You can Link Your contact form
    to it)