WordPress Tour Operator Pro

TourOperator Pro is a plugin developed for travel agencies and tour operators of all sizes. With this plugin, you can create customized itineraries & travel packages quickly. Packed with powerful features, this plugin saves you hours of development. This is the optimal travel tool for travel management and tour management of WordPress websites. With such a powerful travel tool, you can create customized travel packages along with receiving payments, preparing itineraries, … TourOperator Pro supports all the needs of travel websites Your reservation includes, get paid, itinerary and more. Please feel free to contact us at project@netbaseteam.com to discuss further.

Why use this product:
TourOperator Pro software comes pre-installed on the travel website and comes bundled with many of the smartest modern features that reduce the effort and cost to manage. Customers use it to search for tours to meet the resort needs of themselves and their families and partners. Not only that, but thanks to TourOperator Pro, travel agents will also reduce many fees such as renting beautiful space, advertising costs and hiring book managers. Because it is completely updated and working by the TourOperator Pro system, it makes the tour business effective. In addition, information about the tour number, tour price, tour details are updated quickly on the system to help guests book a tour and learn about the service, no longer worry about price cuts both of a vacation trip.

How it work for client:
Your customer can easily use TourOperator Pro with steps below:
Step 1. Go to website: Firstly, customers go to your website.
Step 2. Choose tour: Customers choose the tour that is right for them.
Step 3. Complete booking form: Select the time and number of people to join the tour.
Step 4: User info and Payment: Customers enter their information. In addition, customers choose a payment option to schedule in this step.
Step 5: Booking confirmation: Finally, customers confirm their reservation information.

How it work for Shop Owner:
Using TourOperator Pro plugin is very easy by following 3 main steps as below:
Step 1. Install plugin: Plugins => Add New => Upload Plugin. Choose a file of this plugin to upload and install the file.
Step 2. Active plugin: After installing the plugin, you change the status of the plugin to a working state so you can use it.
Step 3. Config: Set up Configuration in the way you want.

Main Features:

  1. Unlimited travel package: An unlimited number of trips. You can add a trip, description, regular prices, time, frequently asked questions and costs included and excluded.
  2. Smart travel booking process: The online booking process goes smoothly, quickly and intelligently. The price is automatically adjusted based on the number of people selected for a reservation. Reservations include only the areas of need, resulting in faster reservations and more sales!
  3. Payment processing: TourOperator Pro comes with Bank transfer payment processing. Your customers can book online and you can receive payments easily with your account.
  4. Create more tabs: There are already four tabs (Overview, Itinerary, Costs, and FAQs) on each page. If you need more than four tabs on a trip page, easily create them and you can even change their order!
  5. Search bar – Customers can search for tours using location, time, tour type, minimum price, and maximum price.
  6. Multiple rates and multiple dates: This feature allows you to add multiple rates and multiple dates for a trip.
  7. Trip events: You can add trip events and activities to your trip.
  8. Map: For each trip, you can display Google Maps. In front of the user can see the location of the trip.
  9. Flexible pricing options – You can choose between Fixed Price or Variable Price. For a fixed price will be a price per person. However, variable prices can set prices differently for Adults, Children, Students, and Infants.
  10. Trip type page: You can even categorize your trips by their type using the TourOperator Pro plugin. You can create different Trip Types and then connect them to your trips.

Other features:

  1. Full data report: Data is important for all businesses. TourOperator Pro provides reports on sales, customers, total orders, … to help you better manage your business.
  2. Cross browser: This plugin is compatible with all browsers.
  3. Safety management: agents, travel companies can easily manage the information and data completely on the machine in a safe and confidential way.
  4. Flexible arrangement: allows you to organize your tour list quickly by gird/list with just one click.