WordPress Job board Solution

Mange jobs, resume, questionnaire, application Tracking module etc mange from backend and front end manage from user vise dashboard
There are two roles are available in our solution
1) Employer
2) Job Seeker

= Features =
Job with Filter Functionality
Job Detail page with apply job, save job, attend questionnaire
Sign Up Template
Reset Template
My Account Page
Employer Dashboard with analytic data for view resume, view job etc
Manage Profile
Manage My Product Report
Manage My Jobs
Add New/ Update Job
Manage the Screening Questionnaire
Add / Update Screening Questionnaire
Application Tracking Module to Approve / Reject / Delete functionality
Private Message Module – Internal message module
Employer page with filter functionality
Employer base job listing with filter functionality
Job Detail page with Apply job / Save job functionality
Related job functionality base on job detail page
Mange Packages base on employer product
Shop or Package page should be appear if user is logged with employer credential