WordPress HoneyPot

Honeypot is a new technology for spam protection without use of captcha. This plugin apply honeypot security layers on all your forms in wordpress by just activating it. Zero Configuration wordpress plugin to apply honeypot security on your wordpress based website.

How to Apply

Just activate this plugin – nothing else. it’s perfectly zero configuration based wordpress plugin. Once activiated, the honeypot spam protection technique will function automatically and will not require any user interaction.

Contact Form 7 Supported

Honepot spam protection automatically added on all your forms generated from contact form 7. No need to place any shortcode. Even If you’re creating a new form, no need to add any shortcode for honeypot, this plugin automatically added on your forms.

Apply Honeypot using Shortcode for any types of Forms

Now you can apply honeypot protection using shortcode also. Use [apply_wphoneypot] shortcode between the form where you want to apply. and that’s it. rest this plugin will handle itself. You can use do_shortcode(‘[apply_wphoneypot]’) also if form is define in your plugin or theme files.

About Honeypot Element

This plugin creates a dynamic honeypot element with a different name and class applied on it so spammer can’t detect it which is most valuable power of this plugin.

An Alternative of Captcha

Enable Honeypot on Login, Register, Lost Password and Comments Forms just with just one click without letting user to read complex captcha. Though It works with captcha too. You can keep you captcha on your forms and honeypot will keep working as it do without placing any captcha.

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