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WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing
Plugin is the best extension to improve the default WordPress bulk edit feature
for posts, custom posts and pages. On
the other hand, WordPress Bulk Posts Editing is a professional WordPress plugin
for managing and bulk editing WordPress posts, pages and custom post type’s data
in a more robust and flexible way.

This plugin helps with managing
real estate catalogs, cars and all another WordPress custom post types.

You can edit the following in
bulk for posts:

Add categories and tags

Change the author

Turn the comments on or off

Change the status of a post

Change the format of a post

Make posts sticky or not sticky

And many other fields, custom fields and taxonomies.

Why do you need WordPress Bulk Posts Editing?

Saving your time by

Bulk editing everything in the posts at one

With this powerful bulk editing form, you can choose
the operation you want to apply to the selected posts (append, prepend, new,
replace and …), and with just a click you can apply the chosen operand
to all these posts simultaneously.

Bulk Posts Editing Plugin also empower you to change and edit categories, tags,
taxonomies, date and type and custom fields with the bulk edit form, and all
with only a click.

Filter, select and change specific posts

With this plugin, you can filter posts based on
different attributes such as

•     Thumbnail

•     Title

•     Content

•     Excerpt

•     Slug

•     Status

•     Comment

•     Ping

•     Post

•     Post

•     Category

•     Tags

•     POSTS

•     POSTS

•     Menu

•     Author

•     Date

•     Date

•     Post

•     Sticky

•     And
any other post attribute.

will also be able to save filter profiles and apply them with just two clicks;
this allows you to do an even faster search between posts.

filtering and finding the desired posts, you can select the ones you want and
bulk edit them.

Switch WordPress post types

WordPress Bulk Posts Editing supports posts, page and
any WordPress post type. This is a very powerful option of this plugin
that allows you to edit all varieties of post types.

Bind editing

With this option, you can set the same value
of edited posts to all selected posts. This will help you edit several posts at
once and will result in a faster editing and save a huge amount of your time!

Delete multiple post / custom post

You c an select multiple posts and choose to
either delete them permanently, or if you think you might need to use them
later, it is possible to move them to the trash and access these posts later.

Duplicate posts / custom po sts

If you
want to duplicate posts or custom posts, you can clone them and duplicate all
of the selected posts with just one click.

Easily scale-up your site by

Import and export any posts according to your

This is one of the options in the pro version of
WordPress Bulk Posts Editing Plugin. You can import or export posts in a
spreadsheet format and bulk edit the posts later.

Make a customized column from your posts

can change column orders, show/ hide, or change their background color
depending on your needs.

are already 3 default profiles available in the column manager. You can switch
between different profiles later.

customized columns will help you edit in a more efficient way.

Use a spreadsheet to control, manage and edit numerous posts at the same

using a spreadsheet, you can:

View all your posts, pages and custom psots simultaneously.

Edit posts and pages easily

Create a lot of posts / products at once

Copy information between posts quicker

And many more…

Spreadsheet is where
you can edit all the information of your posts, pages and custom posts

Post title,

Post content,

Post status,

Post excerpt,

Featured image,

Publish date,

Comment status,

Page parent,

Post categories,

And post tags.

This is useful
if you are tired of opening several pages to edit your posts or wasting time
waiting for each post editor to load and save.

Save search queries for later use

You can save the most used search queries for later
use (or any search query you want). This way, you don’t have to choose the
search options every time, and with just two clicks you can use your most used
search queries to find the posts you need.

is another way that WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin helps save your time!

What are the most competitive advantages of WordPress Bulk Posts Editing?

Free version

The free version supports the bellow options:

Inline Editing

Limited Bulk Form

Limited Search Form

Switch Post Types

Add / Delete Posts

Bind Editing

Filter Profile

Column Profile

Quick Search

Which are a good enough variety of options. It’s a
good idea to use the free version to get started with WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin, and then switch
to the pro-version so you can have access to all the pro options you
will need to edit your posts and manage your e-shop professionally.

Support all WP fields and custom fields

WordPress Bulk
Posts Editing plugin supports all WP fields and custom fields that you can
think of! This plugin supports fields such as thumbnail, description,
categories, tags and all other fields and custom fields.

This plugin is a
very powerful tool for bulk editing your posts, since it supports custom fields
added by third party plugins as well as the default WordPress fields.

Support taxonomies

WordPress Taxonomy is used to group your content. You
can use categories for broad topics, and tags for details in your text. You can
also create custom taxonomies using different plugins.

Correctly utilizing WordPress taxonomies will help
boost your website’s user experience, which means that being able to edit these
taxonomies for hundreds of posts at once is a very important capability.

The good news is, WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin
supports taxonomies already in WordPress and the ones added by other plugins.

To add custom taxonomies to WordPress Bulk Posts
Editing plugin you can either add the posts containing these taxonomies
so the plugin automatically adds the taxonomies, or you can do this manually
and introduce these taxonomies to WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin by
entering their names in the respective editing form.

Is WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin
compatible with other plugins?

of WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin’s powerful abilities, is its
compatibility with all different WordPress plugins. Some of these useful
plugins are listed below:


Advanced Custom Fields is a WordPress plugin which allows you to add
extra content fields to your WordPress edit screens. These extra content fields
are more commonly referred to as Custom Fields and can allow you to build
websites faster and educate your clients quicker.


With WCK you can create repeater custom fields, custom post types and
taxonomies and build your front-end templates directly from the WP admin UI, in
just a few clicks.


Pods is a content development framework that lets you create and manage
custom post types and fields. The WordPress plugin can be used to create new
post types, taxonomies, content types, and settings pages.


This plugin provides an easy to use interface to create and administer
custom post types and taxonomies in WordPress .

How WordPress Bulk Posts Editing can make your site more productive?

Bulk Edit

As said above,
managing stores that have a bulk of products is a tedious and time-consuming
task, especially when it comes to editing.

When you have
fewer products, you can easily open up each product and edit the details, but
with more products, this is basically not possible.

Bulk editing with WordPress
Bulk Posts Editing plugin helps you easily and smoothly manage and edit all
types of posts in just a blink of an eye.

Column Manager

The powerful column
manager of WordPress Bulk Posts Editing plugin, helps you customize the post
columns according to your needs. This will help you to navigate through the
posts and contents faster and edit them effortlessly. It supports all of posts
and custom posts fields.

Meta Fields

Custom fields,
also referred to as post meta (meta fields), is a feature in WordPress which
allows users to add additional information when writing a post. WordPress
stores this information as meta data.

Examples of
custom fields can be:

Rating that you might want to add for a product that you were

Or anything else that you can think of

With WordPress
Bulk Posts Editing Plugin, you will be able to edit custom fields as well.

This plugin
supports all types of Meta fields added to your website by other plugins; you
just need to add these through the Meta fields tab. You can do this either by

Manually typing the meta field key,

Or either add a post that includes the desired meta fields

So, the fields
will be added automatically for later editing. You can also edit the meta field
title, since they are usually long and when displayed in the post editor, the
respective column will be too wide.


With this option,
all your actions will be saved, which means that you can roll back to the
previous versions if you are not satisfied with the changes you made or you
want to undo a possible mistake.

There are also
some actions you can perform which include: clear history, revert or delete.


Importing/ exporting is a
very useful option for post editing. With this option you can export all your
posts in spreadsheet format and edit them later.


In the settings
tab you can customize the post editor and toolbar. You can choose the filter
form to be sticky or not sticky according to your needs. You can change the
number of posts shown in each page and sorting. Other options are: show/ hide
quick search, search form mode and sticky/ not sticky ID and titles columns.


As a content manager, you want to
be able to update content quick and easy. When you are dealing with a large
number of articles or products, editing items one by one is no longer an option
and bulk editing becomes essential. Whether you want to assign terms, change
prices, update custom fields, it would be very time consuming if it wasn’t for
bulk editing.

Key Features

  • User friendly design
  • Filtering by all WordPress post and custom posts fields :: Title, Category, Taxonomy, …
  • Advanced Bulk Editing Form: Edit all WordPress Post and Custom Posts Fields in specific operands :
    • Append, Prepend, Replace for Text fields :: Title and …
    • Increase, Decrease for Numeric Fields
    • Calculator for decimal values
    • Use Custom Formula for Pricing fields
    • Featured Image and Gallery
    • Date picker for date fields
    • Multiple selection :: Category, Taxonomy, Tag
    • And …
  • Show/Hide Columns
  • Column Manager ::
    • Set Color and BG color for columns
    • Set Custom Label for Columns
  • Create Post and Custom Posts
  • Duplicate Posts
  • Delete several posts with one click.
  • Set Category/Taxonomy for multiple post at once
  • Inline Edit: Edit values in separate types: Numeric, Text, Date, Checkbox and …
  • Save Search form query
  • Add Custom Fields / Taxonomy as columns, Search field and Bulk Edit Field
  • Import / Export
  • Binded Editing : Edit several posts at once.
  • History: Save all of change log beside of Undo / Redo :: You can revert your changes.
  • Sticky Column: Fix ID column
  • Find Duplicate post and delete all of them easily
  • Support all post and custom posts fields