Woopromotion – WooCommerce product promotion sale countdown and Badge Manager

Woopromotion is a WooCommerce based WordPress plugin. This plugin builds with some impactive features, which will help you to improve your product’s promotional impact. This plugin will make your eCommerce products more informative, attractive, and well organized. Moreover, you can also highlight different seasonal offers, discounts, % off on the products you want to sell the most and enhance its conversions.

Why use a countdown timer to offer products?

To encourage customers to buy quickly before the offer ends.

Why use Sales progress bar?

Sales progress bar motivates customers to purchase quickly.

Why use badges on products?

Product badges can enhance a customer’s understanding of a product’s main selling points, and highlight offers

product badges

product on sale promotion

WooCommerce promotion

WooCommerce promotion

WooCommerce Coupon Code

Features List:

  • Canvas promotion bar
  • Canvas promotion bar countdown timer
  • Sale offer start Countdown Timer
  • Sale offer end Countdown Timer
  • Seles progress bar
  • On sale product discount price percentage badge
  • Beautiful product page flash deal details bar
  • Product promotional badges add option
  • Add unlimited product badges
  • Add multiple badges to the same product
  • Upload your own custom product badge
  • 6 badge types that work automatically. Like product Category, Rating, Featured, Sales Quantity, Stock, Sales and Rating
  • Product onsale elementor widget
  • Product onsale countdown timer section elementor widget
  • Coupon code card elementor widget
  • Translation ready
  • Well Online Documentation
  • Free Unlimited update