WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator (Measurement Pricing)

WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator can allow you to set each variation pricing table itself, No hassle for setting each variation price with single table but you can add your Pricing Ranges for every Variation you have in your Variable Product.

With WooCommerce Variable Pricing Calculator you can sell your product in any Measurement of Units (Weight Units, Length Units, Area Units, Volume Units) etc.

We offer variety of Demo with WooCommerce Variable Pricing Plugin so with this you can easily see how it works.

Main Features:

1. Each Variation have its own pricing table
2. Variation pricing based on Measurement units (how much you require)
3. No limitation for single parent product pricing table
4. Easily set dynamic pricing for each variation
5. Stock Management for Variable product (each variation itself )
6. Each product have its own pricing and ranges
7. Full of Measurement Units available
8. Length, Width, Area, Volume
9. Minimum & Maximum validation over each variation (not parent product)
10. Very easy to user and understandable how it works