WooCommerce USAePay Payment Gateway

Plugin Features

Set Shop Hour(s) Day(s) and Timezone

  • Secure, Fast and Reliable Checkout Process
  • Accepts Major Credit Cards – Visa®, MasterCard®, American Express®, Discover®

Sources Checkout

  • Option to set Merchant Source Key.
  • Option to select Transaction Processing Command Types.
  • Option to enabled Accepted Card Logos.
  • Option to set auto update order status after payment complete.
  • Option to set send customer recurring billing receipt.

Easy Extension Settings

  • Enabled – this setting will enable the gateway which will be used by customers to checkout.
  • Title – this setting will appear for the payments during checkout. this will be shown on the page- Order Received.
  • Description – this will appear under the setting – Title, during customer’s checkout.Please note that once environment is not “Production” a “Sandbox” notice will be shown.
  • Return Url – used to choose Return Page or Thank you page.
  • Environment – this setting is used to post transactions to.
    You can either set this to:
    a) Production – if you are using Payment Gateway Production / Live Account
    b) Sandbox – if you are using Payment Gateway Sandbox / Test Account