WooCommerce to Adobe Connect connector 1.2

Ever wanted to automate your selling of online webinars or courses on Adobe Connect?

Well, it’s finally here: WooCommerce to Adobe Connect connector plugin!

This plugin will allow you to specify the course/meeting/webinar that you have created and setup in Adobe Connect (be it a hosted server or your own one as long as it runs version 8 or 9) and those who buy it online will be created as users and automatically added to that course/meeting/webinar in Adobe Connect!

They will even have a welcome e-mail sent to them from Adobe Connect (if you choose so in the plugin settings) and also get all of their login details as part of the order confirmation e-mail that WooCommerce sends out once you set the order to “Completed”

Just install the plugin, provide your Adobe Connect server details and some WooCommerce optional settings and you are ready to sell!

It is highly recommended to disable the error logging in the plugin settings once you fine tune it and all works well. Error logs will get quite big. Error logging is enabled by default.