Woocommerce Ticket

The Woocommerce ticket plugin is an indispensable tool to help merchants sell ticket online for event, contests, conferences, seminars & training courses, or any other event.


Want to publish events on your site?

Want to let people attend an event directly on your site?

Want to sell tickets to those events directly from your site?

Want to let people add their friends then buy and send tickets for them?

Want to your customers print tickets to events as soon as you receive payment?

Want to remind them X days before events happen?

Woocommcerce Event Tickets from Magenest can does all that, and more.

With this Woocommerce plugin, you can set up auto-reminder and confirmation emails and be always in touch with your customers. The emails can be sent to customers with PDF files and you can customize PDF template you want. Furthermore, you can add event location on Google map, it will be shown in a product detail field.

Woocommerce Event Tickets allows you to send PDF tickets with auto-generated QR codes pr Bar code. Both of the QR image and Bar code can be scanned by any mobile devices that have an ability to read QR codes and Bar code. A client can print a ticket or scan code to get more details about the upcoming event. When administrators scan QR code, a ticket is recognized as redeemed and customers can go through the event. By the way, the plugin provides you with an ability to redeem tickets massively from the backend or separately using predefined ticket code.

If you use this plugin, your customers can add unlimited attendess that they want to send tickets, a confirmation email will be sent to every people with an individual name. They also can select ways to send tickets: E-tikets if they want to receive tickets online or Hard-copy if they want to receive ticket via post office.

Key features

For Admin:

    • Support Simple product and Variable product

woocommerce event

    • Creat ticket products with ease

woocommerce ticket

    • Export data of event attendees to CSV file

woocommerce event ticket

    • Enable QR code/Bar code for tickets

ticket plugin

    • Add event location on Google map

event plugin

    • Customize the PDF ticket by configuration



event manager plugin

    • Specify the email template for sending pdf ticket to customer after payment made

sell ticket online

    • Specify the email template for reminder customer of event

event ticket plugin

    • Set the reminder date to customers X days before an event happens

woocommerce ticket management

    • Allow print PDF tickets

ticket management plugin

    • Easy install and set up

woocommerce ticket

For customer:

    • Buy tickets easily more than anything

event ticket module

    • Manage and re-download tickets purchased

woocommerce ticket module

    • Add multiple attendess in one time

woocommerce plugin

    • Have 2 selection ticket types : E-tickets and Hard-copy

woocommerce module