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WooCommerce Simply Cart To Quote is a plugin for WordPress which allows you to use your WooCommerce store as a catalog to hide prices and allow the user to form their request a quote for products through the cart. You can use forms `Contact Form 7`, `Gravity Forms`, `WPForms` (or `WPForms Lite`) or `Ninja Forms` to display on the cart page and sending the request by the user.


  • Enable for guests and / or authorized users.
  • Ability to exclude user roles (for authorized users).
  • Sending the contents of the user’s cart as a table in an email.
  • Settings for guests and authorized users are separated.
  • Support hide product prices, cart totals and subtotals.
  • Ability to change the text on the add to cart buttons.
  • Ability to display your text instead of the hidden price.
  • For the quote form, you can use forms `Contact Form 7`, `Gravity Forms`, `WPForms` (or `WPForms Lite`) or `Ninja Forms`.
  • Ability to choose display form position on the cart page.
  • Ability to disable checkout (the buttons to go to the checkout will not be displayed in the cart and in the cart widget, and when trying to go directly, the user will be redirected to the main page).
  • Ability to hide totals block on cart page.
  • The content of the cart is added to the form mail template via a shortcode – [itglx-wcsctq-cart-data-table].
  • Image previews.

Important notes:

  • The plugin requires a minimum 3.* `WooCommerce` version.

How do I get updates?

For information about the new version and the installation of updates, you can use the plugin from Envato – Envato Market WordPress Plugin.

== Changelog ==

= 1.0.0 =
Initial public release