WooCommerce Sales Popup

Enhance your WooCommerce store’s user experience and drive more sales with the Woo Sales Popup Plugin. This advanced plugin allows you to create and control dynamic sales popups, showcasing recent orders to your site visitors.

WooCommerce Sales Popup - 1

Show Order Details

Display order items and quantity in the popup, giving your customers real-time insights into what’s trending.

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Control Item Color

Easily customize the color of order items in the popup from settings, matching it with your site’s aesthetics.

WooCommerce Sales Popup - 3

Full Popup Control

Gain complete control over every aspect of the popup, from position and color margins to font size, duration, and repeat intervals.
Notification Control: Set the maximum number of popups to show on the frontend, along with the maximum hours to fetch orders for the popups.

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Product Selection

Determine how to select and display products from each order in each popup. You can choose to display each product’s quantity from the order in the popup.

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Customer Location Display

Choose how you’d like to display the user location or hide it. You can display the country code or country name.

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Moreover, the plugin provides options to exclude current user’s orders from the popup notifications and disable notifications on selected pages. You can even customize the “bought” keyword in the popup, set minimum screen width to start showing the popups, and much more.

Whether you’re looking to increase engagement, improve user experience, or boost sales, the Woo Sales Popup Plugin is a perfect addition to your WooCommerce toolkit.

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