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WooCommerce Dark pattern - Online DemoWooCommerce Dark pattern - Online Documentation

Ever heard about dark pattern in eCommerce? No? Then you should definitely continue reading. Dark pattern are used in eCommerce since years and are well common. Even though some people judge them, many big brands like booking.com or amazon.com uses them. Some examples your might have seen during your own shopping experience:

  • Sale Countdown Timer (encourage customers to buy quickly before sale ends)
  • Sneak into Basket (add additional products to cart when a specific product has been added to cart)
  • 12 People currently view this product (scare customers that stock might be empty soon)
  • Save 40% (encourage customers to buy quickly before sale ends)
  • Reserved Cart (save a users cart for a certain time to rush the selling)
  • Set products automatically on sale at a recurring time (offer of the day pages)
  • Only 3 / 100 Products left on Stock (motivate customers to purchase quickly)
  • Sale Quantity (remove sale price after 100 purchases)

Why do you need this?

  1. Increase your sales by using common Sales Pattern
  2. All big players like booking.com or Amazon use these techniques

UNIQUE Features

  1. Automatically set Products on Sale
  2. Use fake countdown / stock data
  3. All modules can be turned on / off separately

More than 8 Sales Pattern

Common eCommerce Pattern

In total our plugin contains more than 8 dark pattern, that you can use to increase your shop sales. Some examples are sale countdowns, sneak into basket, number of people currently viewing a product, sale badges, reserved carts, left in stock progress bars and more.

Intuitive Sale Countdown Timer

Sale countdown timer

Our plugin not only supports sale countdown timers, but also gives you a full control about them. Choose between multiple layouts, show a sale end or start countdown and decide where you want to show it with ease.

More features

Latest WPMP, WooCommerce & WP Support

Our plugin was tested with latest versions of WordPress, WooCommerce and WPML.

Well documented

As all our products, we created an easy to follow documentation including an explanation & setup video.
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