WooCommerce Responsive Product Designer

WooCommerce Responsive Product Designer

  • This WordPress/WooCommerce plugin is used to design or customize products online. It supports many types of products (T-shirts, phone cases, cups, hats, …)
  • Responsive – it can be used in any devices: mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PCs
  • Easily install & configure in Admin Dashboard
  • Support the checkout and payment process
  • Manage Prices and Orders for Admin
  • Support [shortcode]

Woocommerce Responsive Product Designer - 1


  • Multi-types products: change type in Design Editor
  • Multi-colors products: some different colors for each type
  • Two sides: front and back
  • Design preview: preview your result during designing
  • Edit design: re-edit your design after adding to Cart
  • Item modifications: by mouse, touch, or toolbox
    • Move
    • Align
    • Resize
    • Rotate
    • Flip
    • Bring to front/Send to back
    • Delete
  • Image: add images to the design
    • Album: select from the collection of images
    • Upload: upload your own image from your device
    • Scale warning: if the scaled image is larger than the original image, the quality may decrease
  • Text: add texts to the design
    • Edit text
    • Font
    • Color
    • Bold/Italic/Underline

Admin Dashboard

Woocommerce Responsive Product Designer - 2

  • Enable/disable “Customize design” for each product
  • Enable “Back side” and select a back side image
  • Define the size of design area depending on Product size
  • Define Additional Cost for one side or two sides
  • Support “Variable” product of WooCommerce
  • Define available colors for each product

Woocommerce Responsive Product Designer - 3

  • Manage Orders of WooCommerce
  • Download/Export designs for printing
  • Support [shortcode] to insert Design Editor to any page/post
  • Manage Album of images