WooCommerce Reservable Products

What is WooCommerce Reservable Products ?

WooCommerce Reservable Products is an extension for WooCommerce that allows customers to reserve a product by paying a caution amount at first and then later what remains of the payment. With WooCommerce Reservable Products you can :

  • Choose exactly which products can be reserved by your customers.
  • Set the caution to be paid by percentage or flat amount of the product price.
  • Set deadlines for payment completion to specific dates or dates relative to the reservation.
  • Easily find the reservations made by your customers.
  • Easily find payments missed by your customers.

Use cases

  • For shop owners that want to allow their products to be reserved by customers before they eventually get out of stock.
  • For shop owners that want to give their customers a 2-installment payment plan.

Demo playground

A demo playground is made available for you here   to make sure the plugin fits your needs.


Find the documentation of the plugin here .


For any inquiry of yours, please contact us at bradzerdev@gmail.com  and we will take care of the rest.