WooCommerce Product Mixing Matching

Sell cases of gifts? A toffees jar? Gift boxes basket? Fruit baskets? T-shirts? Suiting pent coats with matching, we offer you a plugin you can make your shop more creative and easier to customer. Mixing and Matching plugin is ideal for offering similar products in bulk containers. Perfect solution for the customer to buy or gift to their beloved without forcing those to buy items that don’t having interest.

1. Let customer create gift boxes to their choice
2. Simple and variable product support
3. Per item pricing with and without base price
4. Per item shipping price calculation
5. Full control of admin over product boxes creation
6. Responsive page layouts and gird
7. Left and right swap layouts
8. Stock management over product boxes
9. Error message and out of stock alerts
10. Pre-filled product added from backend
11. Pre-filled display on single product page