WooCommerce POS Customer Checkout

WooCommerce POS Customer Checkout

This plugin facilitates the customer to place the order themselves with the help of the customer POS, thus reducing the hassle of going to POS agents.

The customers can use it to view, select, add the products to the cart, and complete the order themselves. They can also view the products based on categories.

If enabled by the admin, Guest users can also utilize the Customer POS and place orders using the Customer POS.

The customer can make the payments using the available payment methods such as Cash and Stripe. Additional payment options can also be added by the admin.


Live Demo

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Why WooCommerce POS Customer Checkout?

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Features of WooCommerce POS Customer Checkout

  • The customers can view, add and delete products to the cart in real time.
  • Guest users can also use the POS to purchase products.
  • The customer can use different payment methods enabled by the admin to use during the checkout process.
  • The admin can enable and disable the option for the customers to be able to apply coupons.
  • The admin can add notices for customers to view on the POS.
  • This module is equipped with PWA for better handling and faster performance.
  • The customer POS endpoint can be configured by the admin.

Highlighted Features

1 – Payments

The customer can use the available payment methods enabled by the admin to complete the payment and purchase the products.

2 – Guest User

Customers who do not wish to log in can also use the POS system to make purchases.

3 – Notice Templates

Add notices for customers to view on POS and the option to enable, disable, and delete the notices as per requirement.

4 – Modal Animations

Entry and Exit modal animation configuration is available for the admin to set on the POS customer screen.

5 – Low Stock Warning

Configuration to set a quantity for a low stock warning so that customers can check which products are low in quantity.

6 – HPOS Compatible

This plugin is now compatible with WooCommerce’s new High-Performance Order Storage (HPOS) feature.

Business Use

Customer experience and providing them better accessibility is one the top priorities for hospitality business owners.

This plugin provides customers the flexibility to order themselves bypassing the hassle of ordering through POS agents. Logged-in and Guest users can both order through the POS system.

Equipped with PWA, the POS system is fast and smooth in response. The POS customer checkout screen can be set up across the store or area for easy access to the customers.

The customers can pay through multiple payment methods as enabled by the admin. They can also view notices and apply coupons.


"Initial release v 1.0.0" 

Initial release