WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods

WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods

POS Complimentary Goods Plugin for WooCommerce: This plugin is used to automatically add a complimentary item to the POS cart on purchasing a specific quantity of any product.

WooCommerce POS Complimentary Items module is good for such a scenario when POS user wishes to give some complimentary product to the customer on the purchase of a specific quantity of any products.

The admin can set the rules for the complimentary products and even set the products given as a complement to the customers.

Note – This plugin is an add-on to the Webkul’s Point Of Sales System for WooCommerce. So, to use this plugin you need to purchase our WooCommerce POS Plugin first.

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Features of WooCommerce POS Complimentary Goods

  • Admin can set rules for the complimentary goods based on which the customers will get the complimentary item.
  • An admin can set the items that will be given as a compliment to customers when the rule’s conditions are fulfilled.
  • Automatically adds complimentary gifts on the purchase of specific quantities.
  • Makes customers feel special in your store.
  • Providing attractive offers increases customers along with profits.
  • Complimentary rules are applicable globally, on the product, product variations and product category.
  • Custom product for POS is supported by WooCommerce complimentary product.

Change Log

"Initial release 1.0.0"
v 1.0.0
Initial release