WooCommerce Out Of Stock Notification

WooCommerce Out Of Stock Notification is a valuable tool for online store owners. It helps you manage your product inventory by alerting you when items are running low or out of stock. Plus, it notifies customers when products are out of stock, allowing them to subscribe for updates when items are back in stock. This ensures smooth inventory control and improves the overall shopping experience for your customers.


Automated Low Stock Alerts: Receive automated email notifications when products reach a specified low stock threshold, enabling timely replenishment and preventing lost sales.

Out of Stock Notifications: Automatically notify customers when products they are interested in are out of stock, allowing them to register their email for updates on product availability.

Daily Admin Notifications: Administrators receive daily email notifications detailing products that are out of stock, facilitating proactive inventory management and restocking decisions.

Customizable Settings: Tailor notification settings, including threshold levels, recipient email addresses, and message templates, to match your store’s inventory management preferences.

Variable Product Support: Seamlessly monitor and receive alerts for both variable and simple products, including variations with their own unique stock quantities.

Predefined Designs: Choose from three predefined notification email designs and customize text, color, and background to match your brand identity and enhance customer engagement.

SMTP Setup Support: Easily configure SMTP settings for sending notification emails, ensuring reliable email delivery and enhancing communication efficiency.


Optimized Inventory Control: Stay informed about stock levels in real-time, enabling proactive management and minimizing stockouts to meet customer demand.

Improved Customer Experience: Keep customers informed about product availability with timely notifications, reducing frustration and improving satisfaction.

Enhanced Sales Opportunities: Avoid missed sales by ensuring products are available for purchase, increasing revenue potential and customer loyalty.