WooCommerce Orders Progress Bars

This does not support WC 2.2 yet! Update very soon.

Add a cool progress bar for your customers to follow up with their orders. Why? Check out this awesome article on why progress bars are important.


  • Assign progress bar color and percentage value per order status.
  • Override the order’s status bar color and percentage value per order or don’t. Your call.
  • 2 progress bar types to choose from.
  • 2 locations for the progress bar: before or after the order details.
  • Customizable progress bar title or remove it.
  • Provides a widget that displays customers latest N orders (optionally include order’s status, progress bar, and date).
  • Provides a shortcode to use in anywhere in your website to display any order’s progress bar.
  • Provides a PHP function to use in your templates to display the progress bar of an order.