WooCommerce One Page Product Manager – WordPress Plugin

WooCommerce One Page Product Manager – WordPress Plugin – Description

Do ever needed to save time when editing your WooCommerce products?

If the answer is yes, than this plugin solve this problem in very simple and efficient way.

You just need to upload & activate the plugin, then select what fields to show in the product manager page.

WooCommerce One Page Product Manager, helps you to easily manage your product, prices, stocks, sale prices etc.

What you need to do it’s just to go on Product Manager page, and modify data! That’s all, no button click, no page to page.

You have in top right of screen an instant search that makes your life much more easier.

In the settings tab you can choose what fields to display in Product Manager page, so in this way you have control of what you want.

You can also enable additional fields (not showing public, just backend for your easier life) that will help you understand better your business.

The extra fields that you can enable are: Supplier, Acquisition Cost, Profit per unit, Profit per stock, Total stock value, Total stock acquisition cost.

How to use guide

  1. Install the plugin
  2. Select fields that you want to user
  3. Edit products in a simple way
  4. Enjoy

Update History

- v.1.0 - Initial release