WooCommerce Minimize Fraud Plugin

WooCommerce Minimize Fraud Plugin

eMinFraud allows you to minimize online fraud in your powered WordPress + WooCommerce website.

eMinFraud integrated with MaxMind API and MaxMind license key is required.

The minFraud service from MaxMind reduces chargebacks by identifying risky orders to be held for further review. The minFraud service is used to identify fraud in online e-commerce transactions.

MaxMind Phone Verification service is no longer available.


  • Enable / Disable MaxMind minFraud.
  • Enable / Disable MaxMind credit card verification, used to verify that the customer is in possession of the credit card.
  • Define maximum minFraud riskScore. Any new customer order that having above maximum riskScore will be set as “on-hold” automatically.
  • riskScore point for each order displayed in WooCommerce orders panel.
  • minFraud data displayed in each WooCommerce order detail panel for further review.
  • .pot file available for transalation.
  • Clean source codes.
  • OOP and commented properly.