WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce membership plugin allows store owners to create unlimited membership plan & restrict posts or taxonomy terms with specific membership plan. The membership plans can be purchased with WooCommerce products. The membership plan is assigned a product on the purchase of that product the membership plan is assigned to user. The user can then access the posts or taxonomy terms containing the membership or other rule. The posts & taxonomy terms can be restricted with specific membership plan, with any membership plan, without specific membership plan, without any membership plan etc.

Unlimited users can added to each membership manually or automatically on the related product purchase. The users can be notified via email about the membership plan assignment or expiry. On the restricted post or page the users are redirect to the redirect link set in the backend settings.

Key Features Of WooCommerce Membership plugin

  • Create unlimited membership plans.
  • Sell membership plan with WooCommerce products.
  • Membership plans can be auto assigned to users on related product purchase.
  • Add unlimited users manually to each membership plan.
  • Set expiry date for the membership plan.
  • Restrict access to users with multiple conditions.
  • Assign plan to any post or taxonomy term to apply restrictions.
  • Restrict access to users with specific plan.
  • Restrict access to users without specific plan.
  • Restrict access to users with any membership plan.
  • Restrict access to users without any membership plan.
  • Redirect users to specific URL for restricted content.
  • Make products unpurchasable for restricted users.
  • Sends notification to users automatically when plan is assigned.
  • Sends membership expiry notification to users.