WooCommerce dynamic discounts

Read This Before Purchasing This Plugin !!

Due to large number of discount and pricing scenarios , Plugin can not work well for all the pricing scenarios . Please make sure feature you are looking for is available before you make purchase . Please use comment section to ask your pre-purchase question.Please don’t purchase plugin if you are not sure about availability of your required feature with this plugin.


Create dynamic discounts for your store products , display discounts on product and cart pages to boost your sales . Plugin allows you to create price based , percentage based and fixed price based discounts . Discounts can also be limited to certain roles or for certain period. Create cart total based or quantity based discounts . Plugin will give you full control over the css of discount tables . Plugin also comes with 6 inbuilt discount table styles.


Creates Discounts for your Product

For Example:This plugin is useful if you

– want to give some discount(percentage/price/fixed price) if customer buys certain number of products.

– want to give some discount(percentage/price/fixed price) if customer made total purchase product with specific amounts.

– want to give bulk discount (percentage/price/fixed price) on some of variables of the product.

– want to give discount to customer with certain roles like shop manager , marchant , administrators etc.

– want to give discount based on certain category quantities.

– want to give discount for certain amount of time.

Multiple and Complex discounts

Create multiple discount rules for each product . You will also be able to use same discounts on products of your choice means if you want to create same type of discount for many products then you will not need to create discounts rule for each product. That does not mean that it will prevent you to create separate discount rules for each product.

Display those discounts on Product Page

Plugin will also displays single product based discounts on product and cart pages . You can change the table text/settings from admin panel. In other words you will have a full control on how and where the discount should be display

Enable Common discount on all site products

Apply one common discount on all the product of site without creating them manually for each product . You can also apply common discount only on products of specific categories. You can enable common discounts on all the site products excluding specific products.

Ajax discount display on cart pages

You can set a link on cart that will show discounts via ajax . This feature is highly useful to encourage customers to make bulk purchases.

6 inbuilt table designs with css control

Plugin comes with 6 inbuilt table designs (3 vertical and 3 horizontal) for you to choose from. You can also change the css of any design as per your need from admin panel of the plugin. Display total bulk savings on cart pages

– Display total bulk savings on cart pages. Easily customize its text from admin panel.