WooCommerce Donations

WooCommerce donations

WooCommerce donations plugin was an easy way to get donations via WooCommerce products, WooCommerce donations facilitate owner of Firm, NGO to accept donations of varying amounts through your WooCommerce shop. The plugin adds a Donation product type which allows the creation of two types of Donation products.

1. Open Pricing Donation
2. Fixed Amount Donation

WooCommerce Donation plugin lets you to collect donation for good cause or an important solidarity campaigns. Plugin provides a very easy way to send donations with fewer to larger amount within the WooCommerce store. Not this but you have all the data of donor. In the single product page we have the options to ask for user name and special note with awesome emoji faces.

Main Features:

1. Donations on both Shop, and Product pages.
2. Fix and Open amount donations
3. Donation as much as you want
4. Minimum and maximum amount for donations
5. Donation from on the cart page
6. Donation from on the checkout page
7. Donor name and support massage
8. Change the style and text of donor’s product buttons
9. Add the donation form in more products of the shop
10. Make donation mandatory on one or more products of the shop
11. Customizable labels for minimum, maximum and prices
12. Data of donor list in the order page
13. Display information and amount of donor in cart and checkout page
14. Emoji support enable user to send messages