WooCommerce Coupon Message

WooCommerce Coupon Message allows you to show a custom message (or any content) to the customer when they apply a coupon during cart / checkout process.

You can use this plugin to show details of the coupon, terms of use, additional offers or anything else that will help customers and increase conversion.

Each coupon can have it’s own message. You can show anything in the message and even embed WordPress shortcodes. The plugin even lets you send this message in the order confirmation email!


  • Show a custom message after applying a coupon
  • Send this message in order complete email if you need
  • Coupon message can show any content, and even support shortcodes

Example Uses

  • Show terms of use for the coupon used
  • Show another coupon – that requires higher purchases, but also gives higher discount. And increase sales further!
  • Provide content / downloads only to people who apply a coupon
  • Give access to a special page when a coupon is used