WooCommerce Countdown Sales & Price Discount Plugin

With WooCommerce Countdown Sales & Price Discount Plugin, you can add a time counter to any WooCommerce product. A simple but powerful plugin to increase sales. This allows you to create a helpful countdown timer in a matter of minutes. The clock notifies customers of the end of the sale.

Use this plugin to increase sales by creating an urgency that encourages customers to place orders immediately. You can display discounted products on the home page and product pages and set a timeline. Choose the location (set your time zone) of the timer in product lists, and customize the text timer with backgrounds and bright colours!

This is one of the most common expressions when it comes to marketing strategies that boost conversion. If users find that they have a limited time to make a purchase decision or that the product they like is only available in limited quantities, they will choose to buy more and faster. This is exactly what the countdown timer does.