WooCommerce Chained Products Pro – one-get-one deals, hard sells, product suites

Enhance your e-commerce experience with the WooCommerce Chained Products pro plugin, designed to empower you in crafting tailored product bundles for your customers. Elevate your Average Order Value and boost sales by offering bundled packages of multiple products as a seamless and enticing shopping solution.

Unlock the full potential of WooCommerce with the premier extension for crafting pre-configured product bundles and enticing offers—Chained Products pro. Seamlessly link complementary items to your primary product, ensuring that customers receive the entire set of “chained”products instantly upon purchase. Whether you’re bundling numerous simple or variable products, the flexibility allows you to create diverse bundles. Elevate customer satisfaction by offering additional products as complimentary gifts with the purchase of the main item. Take it a step further by designing extensive combo deals through the combination of multiple chained products.

Create chained products effortlessly using the following steps: handpick the products you wish to bundle, assign a discounted price to the entire bundle, highlight the overall value of the bundled items, prominently feature the bundled package instead of individual products, and emphasize any time or inventory constraints associated with the exclusive bundle. This streamlined process ensures an attractive and engaging presentation of your bundled offerings to captivate customers and drive sales.


  • Enhance the customer shopping experience.
  • Add Linked Products on specific products, categories or globally
  • Offer discounts on chained items
  • Apply user role based restrictions
  • Integrate as many products in a bundle as you like
  • Limit the order quantity of the chained item
  • Adjust the position of the chained products
  • Remove Out of Stok Products
  • Select different Chain Product template