WooCommerce Buttons – Shop More, Contact Us etc

WooCommerce Buttons is a WooCommerce Extension Plugin which can enhance your sales and customer experience by adding maximum of 4 Buttons in Cart Page, Single Product Page, Checkout Page and Thankyou Page. You can use it to add aContinue Shopping Button in Cart Page, Upsell an Expensive Product by adding a Check This Hot Product in Single Product Page, Contact Us Button etc.


  • Add a Continue Shopping Button in Cart Page.
  • Upsell by adding a Button to an Expensive Product in Single Page.
  • Button/Link Option to show it as a Button or Hyperlink.
  • Can be displayed in 4 positions on the Cart Page, 3 positions on the Single Product Page, 3 positions on Checkout Page and 1 position on Thank you Page
  • Increase your Click through Rate and your Sales.
  • Custom Label, Custom Color, Target URL etc.
  • Shortcode support for better flexibility.
  • Option to open the link in new window.
  • Options to disable each button.
  • Custom CSS Options for Addon Buttons.
  • Simple and Easy to Use.