Woo360 Product Viewer

Woo360 Product Viewer is a 360º viewer for WordPress. It can be used in Posts, Pages, Woocommerce products and more. It was created with real business in mind.


  • Lightweight and fast
  • Easy to use / configure
    • Lazy load support (it wil load just the first image, once the user clicks on it, it will load the rest of the images).
    • You can select the image the viewer will start at.
    • You can choose to show or hide the navigation controls (prev/next).
    • You can specify how many images the viewer will move when clicking the “prev/next” buttons.
    • You can enable Auto Rotation.
    • You can enable HTML5 Fullscreen API support. It only works in Modern Browsers.
    • You can set the CSS colors the viewer will use for the prev, next and play buttons. They need to be valid HEX values.
    • You can include it everywhere with Shortcodes. (NEW)