Woo Simple Sale Stats

Woo Simple Sale Stats

Simple yet powerful statistics that can help you improve product listings and increase sales.

Woo Simple Sale Stats is a plugin for Woocommerce-based shops that adds a new column to the product table, showing how many times a product was added to Cart and how many times it was actually purchased. (Note, only orders marked “Completed” are counted.) With this data, store owners can make informed decisions about which products are popular and adjust their marketing strategies accordingly.

How is Woo Simple Sale Stats different from abandoned cart plugins?

Abandoned cart plugins typically do not track carts that were emptied out. In contrast, Woo Simple Sale Stats counts every instance when a product is added to the cart, even if the shopper later removes the product from the cart. This provides a more accurate picture of shopper behavior and can help identify any issues in the purchasing process.

What can you do with this information?

By tracking true and complete cart and sales statistics, you can easily see which products are generating interest, but may not be converting to sales. This information can help you undertand which product listings need work or calls to action, such as updating product descriptions or offering promotions to increase the likelihood of purchase.

In addition, you can use this data to identify which products are the real top sellers based on high conversion rate, and ensure that you have enough stock on hand to meet demand.

Why not just use Google Analytics eCommerce data?

Woo Simple Sale Stats provides an easy and uncomplicated way to track cart adds and purchases directly from the backend of your online store. This is a major benefit compared to relying on Google Analytics eCommerce conversion statistics, which requires additional setup and is considerably more complicated to use.

Another advantage of using Woo Simple Sale Stats instead of only relying on Google Analytics eCommerce conversion statistics is that Google Analytics occasionally fails to capture accurate data. This can happen when there are technical glitches or bugs that cause Google Analytics to miss important information. In contrast, Woo Simple Sale Stats are more reliable and accurate since they are integrated directly into your Woocommerce store. This eliminates the need for third-party tracking tools and reduces the likelihood of data errors or omissions.


“Adds : Buys” column under Woocommerce -> Products -> All Products

Woo Simple Sale Stats - 1

Settings Screen

Flexible and user-friendly settings screen can be found under “Woo Simple Sale Stats” menu item in WordPress dashboard.

Woo Simple Sale Stats - 2

Live Demo

Click here to access the Live Demo. Login using the following credentials:
Username: demo
Password: demo

You will be taken to the Products table where you can see how the Cart Adds and Purchases are displayed.