Welcome Tiles – Easy Responsive Multi-Purpose Grid

Welcome Tiles is the easiest grid building WordPress plugin! Beginners find this plugin very user-friendly and easy to use. It helps you present your photos, text or videos in beautiful responsive grids. It is also incredibly multi-purpose, suiting several requirements at once! You can design grid layouts from scratch or use its massive array of a whopping 70+ original presets for very quick setup.

*New Update Version 1.4.0: Several awesome new changes to admin interface and capabilities!

What Does Welcome Tiles Do?

Because of its amazing versatility, you’ll find this plugin to be of several uses across your website!

To check out its vast range beautiful of layouts, you can view the presets for welcome tiles. But keep in mind, welcome tiles is amazingly customizable and this is only ‘the beginning’ of what you can create with this plugin. In fact, some of the presets were inspired by what power users of Welcome Tiles created themselves!

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Chief Feature Highlights of Welcome Tiles:

  • Wide Variety of Presets: To keep things absolutely simple, and to demonstrate the plugin’s potential, it comes equipped with dozens of beautiful presets for a wide variety of uses. Presets are fully customizable so you can change colors and other settings to blend them with your site design.
  • Friendly Interface for Non-Techies: Welcome Tiles has been developed especially for non-techies, so the settings process is kept intuitive and simple with a tutorial and detailed help pop-ups built right into the settings page to assist users through the process of creating and publishing their tiles.
  • In-Depth Customization Ops: All the presets for Welcome Tiles were created using nothing but the plugin settings panel itself, so the variety of presets should tell you about the level of customization the option panel offers. Such customization potential bring users closer to their creative vision.
  • Truly Mobile Optimized: Mobile traffic is highly significant to many sites today, and certainly an asset to any, which is why Welcome Tiles is carefully mobile optimized. Tiles and their groups (called tiled yards) are responsive, so they will fluidly shrink and expand as per screen size.
  • Amazingly Versatile Uses: The dozens of available presets alone span a wide range of categories from recent posts to smarter images, feature boxes, notifications, and so on. You could be churning tiles out for plenty more uses once you start exploring its presentation potential.
  • Advanced CSS Effects: Today’s modern web browsers offer amazing advanced CSS effects, however these remain woeful underutilized. Welcome Tiles presets tastefully avail such facilities where appropriate and users are given convenient animation options to control these settings for themselves.
  • HTML5 Validated Markup: Markup validation is considered important for SEO purposes and also to avoid conflicts with other code on your website which is why the HTML markup of Welcome Tiles has been meticulously kept compliant with the very latest HTML5 validation standards.
  • Yes, IE8 Compatible: Welcome Tiles is compatible with all modern browsers, and while it will use latest CSS features offered by newer browsers, it remains compatible with IE8 as well because old generation as IE8 may be, its loyal web traffic still remains too significant to ignore.

A Few Demo Screenshots:

Wait! You’re not on the plugin homepage yet? Well I recommend heading over to the plugin homepage or one of the presets pages to view the live demos instead of just screenshots since they do not convey the hover functionality and awesome css effects!

Welcome Tiles are highly flexible in your hands. They can be twisted and turned into different shapes to suit your purpose, but they always remain responsive. The output can be very varied, as can be seen by the available presets.

But first please note these important points:

  • You can have as many tiles in a set as you like. I am using very few tiles in the preset examples in order to conserve space. However, there are absolutely no restrictions on how many tiles you use with a preset.
  • The screenshots below depict only few examples from the vast amount of presets, that too without CSS effects, so I recommend going over to Welcome Tiles Homepagefor the real magic with live demos, and you will find loads and loads more on the presets pages!