WeasyFields : WooCommerce Easy Custom Fields

What is WeasyFields? What Does It Do?

WeasyFields allows you to create separate and unlimited fields for WooCommerce products, and you can easily get additional information from your customers using these fields. Its biggest feature is that it is designed to be simple for everyone to use.

In addition to adding fields to the products, we support you to create and add fields within the billing and shipping fields, and we will bring more support in future versions. We would be pleased to receive your suggestions.


  • ✔ Create fields independently of each other

  • ✔ Supported html entries.

    • Text ( Single text area )
    • Textarea ( Paragraph text area )
    • Select ( Drop down )
    • Checkbox
    • Radio button
    • Date
    • Time
    • Color picker
    • File upload
    • Headline

  • ✔ When you want to change the fields you have added, you will be able to do it simply by simply dragging and dropping.

  • ✔ There are 3 different validation options for the text field: “Phone”, “Email” and “URL”.

  • ✔ You can enter different classes and placeholders for each area.

  • ✔ You can select the maximum file size and allowed file type for each space in the file upload system.

  • ✔ You can easily make areas active and passive whenever you want.

  • ✔ You can make fields mandatory or non-mandatory at any time.

  • ✔ If there is more than one required field, adding to the cart with ajax redirects to the product page to fill this.

  • ✔ Very simply create options for the Checkbox, Radio button and Select box.

  • ✔ If you want, unpublish the fields you have created at the same time.

  • ✔ With Loco translate style plugins, you can easily translate to the language you want.

  • ✔ Sending product areas to the mail.

Detailed display

Check out the demo page to test the fields.

Wiew Demo

Detailed documentation

Check out our documentation page to learn all the features of the plugin in detail.



Version 1.0.0 – 7 December 2020

- Plugin released