UserAlerts Pro – Post Notifications

UserAlerts allows your web visitors to create their own e-mail digest/newsletter…featuring the content they want to receieve (not what you think they would want).

There are two versions of the subscription widget (basic and advanced).

Basic Form

1. Visitors can receive alerts for new posts matching the taxonomy/author/cpt archive or search results page they are currently viewing.

2. Visitors can Receive alerts from the main blog.

Advanced Form

Visitors can create a newsletter digest based on taxonomy terms, post types, and authors. UserAlerts is a great way to keep visitors engaged with your site. (Even if a search query produces no results, users can be alerted when there is content matching their query.)

The plugin can be used with virtually any theme or plugin


  • Unlimited e-mail alerts for archives (authors, taxonomies, custom post types) and custom queries.
  • Allow users to create a custom newsletter for specific taxonomies, post types and/or authors.
  • Allow registered users to list and manage their alerts. Simply create a page and insert a shortcode.
  • Compatible with e-mail service providers.